Innovation in business through big data analytics

Carlos Alberto Xavier Nascimento, Pang Lien Hsu, Marcelo Roger Meneghatti, Luciano da Costa Barzotto, Leonel Cezar Rodrigues


This work refers to a conceptual paper that sought to discuss through bibliographies, the subjects of innovation and Big Data. The question that based this study was to verify the bibliographical evidence of innovation with Big Data analytics on platforms in companies. The subjects focused in this research are related to Big Data, innovation Platform and Big Data Analytics and are related to the intention to demonstrate the use and application of Big Data in enterprises. The results show that companies need to be prepared with a strategy for innovation through innovation platform for efficient use of the large amount of data available so that companies sustains innovation through Big Data. The contributions of this work are aimed at advancing the debate of a topic still on the rise and the practical use of this tool as a competitive advantage for companies.


Plataforma de inovação; Big Data Analytics; Análise de dados


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