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Int. J. Prof. Business Review

International Journal of Professional Business Review (JPBReview) aims to publish original research in order to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of key issues in professional business management and academia.

The JPBReview's content aspires to be relevant and interesting to a wide readership, which adds to the understanding and discussion of professional business and academia worldwide.

To be published in the JPBReview, authors must adhere to high standards of research and contribute to theory and/or practice in Business Administration, regardless of whether the level of analysis is the organization, region or country. The JPBReview challenges potential authors to produce high quality distinguished research, well grounded in theory and with high methodological rigor. The demonstration of an effective conceptual contribution will be considered in the journal's editorial process.

This journal is indexing and abstracting in: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Ebsco Host Publishing, Cengage Gale Learning, PKP Index, Google Scholar and OpenAire (See Indexing & Abstracting page).

In the drive to succeed in its mission, in addition to the traditional editorial, the journal offers:

• Editorial Comments

• Articles

• Technical Reports

• Perspectives

• Bibliographic Reviews

Topics of Interest

The following topics are of interest to the JPBReview:

  • Theoretical Perspectives and aspects of Strategy Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Organization Studies;
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Entrepreneuship;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • E-business;
  • Information Technology;
  • Technology Management;
  • Social Medias;
  • Distance Learning;
  • Tourism Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Accounting, Management and Governance;
  • Innovation Management;
  • Health Systems Management;
  • Production & Operations Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Sustainability and Social and Environmental Management;
  • Teaching and e-Learning;
  • Management Research Methods and Managerial Economics, etc.

Vol 2, No 1 (2017): January-June (Ahead of Print)

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Johnny Seki, Evandro Luiz Lopes, Luis Hernan Contreras Pinochet, Eliane Herrero, Ricardo Luiz Pereira Bueno
Loreni Maria dos Santos Braum, André Torres Urdan, Claudia Brito Silva Cirani, Ruan Santos Braun, Ana Luisa Dal Belo Carneiro Leão
José Ramón Cardona, Xing Peng, María del Carmen Azpelicueta Criado
Renata Deliberali, Paulo Sérgio Miranda Mendonça, Carlos Alberto Xavier do Nascimento
Maria Abril-Sellarés
Gislaine Cristina dos Santos Teixeira, Cíntia Cristina Silva de Araújo
Angelo Bencivenga, Marcella De Filippo, Livio Chiarullo, Delio Colangelo
Jaime Luis Cadena