Digital Marketing in Promotion of Tourism Objects in Selayar Islands Regency




Computer Mediated Communication, Digital Marketing, Promotion, Social Media, Tourism Object


Purpose: Digital marketing promotion is a modern step taken by the Selayar Regency Tourism Office to introduce tourism potential in its area.


Theoretical framework: The results of the study, using Computer Mediated Communication analysis, promotion mix


Design/methodology/approach: this type of research is qualitative descriptive using computer mediated communication theory. Informants in the study used purposive sampling technique. Data collection techniques used interviews, documentation.


Findings: found that the Selayar Islands Regency Tourism and Culture Office uses promotional media through web-sites with clickable features including homepage, news, advertorials, events and activities, profiles, best destinations, destinations, art. and culture, public facilities, search, video besides using social media including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Finally, by using digital media, it is possible to display promotional activities for tourism objects widely which can be seen by local and foreign people


Research, Practical & Social implications: We suggest a future research agenda and highlight the contribution made in the development of tourism destinations in the Selayar Islands Regency


Originality/value: The results show that the intensity of digital promotion in the development of tourism potential provides a tangible manifestation of the visit of foreign tourists and local tourists


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