A Lean Management Approach of Rice Subsidy Distribution: Some Findings from a Study in Selangor





Rice Subsidy, Lean Management, Agriculture, COVID-19, Paddy


Purpose: The objective of this study is to look at the problems that arise related to the distribution of subsidies provided by the Government and also to examine the extent to which the principles in Lean are applied and Lean approach can be applied in the management of subsidy distribution among farmers.


Theoretical Framework: The Malaysian government faces issues and challenges on food insufficiency and the importance of ensuring food security in the country and paddy is a major food commodity in Malaysia and an important factor in terms of security, poverty reduction and social issues. As the number of COVID-19 cases increases in the country, there is a heated debate on the appropriate measures that should be taken by the Government to curb the surge of paddy issue.


Methodology: For that purpose, a survey was conducted on 10 senior government officials who manage matters related to fertilizer subsidies in the Ministry, Farmers Organization Board, Area Farmers Organization, Department of Agriculture and Subsidy Product Suppliers and 20 farmers in the area studied. by using Lean Management as the main point in this study.


Findings: The collected data were analyzed using ATLAS.ti and Microsoft Excel. The results of this study show that most of the officers interviewed do not really understand the Lean philosophy and many officers consider the 5S to be Lean.


Research Implications: An understanding of Lean is critical because the Lean approach is a sustainable way to achieve operational excellence and can be applied in many areas.


Originality/Value: This study analyzed the issue arised during the during the distribution of rise subsidies throguh lean management.


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