Willingness to Pay Analysis, Ideal Price and Determinants of Visitor Entrance Ticket Prices in Tangkahan Nature Tourism Area, Gunung Leuser National Park





Tangkahan Nature Tourism, Determination of Ticket Prices, Illingness to Pay, Elasticity of Demand, Gunung Leuser National Park


Purpose: The article aims to analyze the peculiarities of communication strategies of Internet marketing, key tools for their implementation, and development prospects in today's dynamic digital environment.


Theoretical framework: The communication strategy of Internet marketing of a trading enterprise plays an integral role in improving the corporate strategy, ensuring stable operations in the current economic environment, and forming the competitiveness of the enterprise. The peculiarities of using Internet marketing tools for trade enterprises are the application of a wide range of tools to improve the positioning of the enterprise's brand and increase its penetration into the market of goods.


Design/methodology/approach: The method of induction and deduction was used to identify the key prospects for the development of communication strategies for Internet marketing of trade enterprises.


Findings: An important research direction is the analysis of the process of formation and organization of the Internet marketing communication strategy based on the practice of using management decisions. The results of the study reveal the achievements of trade enterprises in implementing an advertising campaign, improving the quality of the communication strategy, and the key structural elements necessary for its effective implementation.


Research, Practical & Social implications:  Due attention is paid to the process of developing a communication strategy through various means of Internet marketing and their use in the digital environment. The article examines the communication strategy and its features in sales policy, advertising campaigns, and brand management as key areas of its manifestation. The use of a communication strategy and its implementation in modern prospects is of strategic importance for a commercial enterprise to ensure its long-term viability.


Originality/value: The obtained results of the study may be useful for trade enterprises in organizing and planning their communication strategy for Internet marketing.


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