Optimal no. Of Crew in a Workshop Subject to Minimize the Total Cost





Queuing Theory, Multi-State Queuing Model, Fail Units, Breakdowns, Meantime of Waiting, Arriving Rate, Service Rate


Purpose: The main objective of this paper is, to determine the optimal no. of technicians’ men in a workshop crew of an Industrial System.


Theoretical framework: The purpose of applying these tools is to explore their ability to reduce costs and improvements that can be obtained in the process of providing services to the end customer.


Design/methodology/approach: The literature structure review was built from analyzing 12 of scientific papers and books, from web sciences and the Elsevier database. The papers were analyzed from descriptive, methodologic, and citation characteristics.


Finding:  By applying the equation model of the paper, the optimal no. of technician men in the crew of the workshop can be determined when it meets the lowest total costs of operating cost and technicians cost taking into account the arrival rate and the service rate.


Research practical& social implication: The data that examined in this paper assumed the number of technicians starting with the number that makes the measure of performance logical and acceptable.


Originality/ value: The paper is academic research, aimed at the application of queuing theory especially the multi-server decision, where it can lead to a better maintenance decision.


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