Towards Best Practices for Corporate Governance at the Air Zimbabwe for Sustainability




Air Zimbabwe, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Accountability, Transparency


Purpose: Exploring best practices for corporate governance at the Air Zimbabwe for sustainability.


Theoretical Framework: The prominence of good corporate governance remains the main thrust for potential investors worldwide. For Air Zimbabwe (a state-owned enterprise), it is essential to embrace good corporate governance to ensure the sustainability of the airline. Although the airline has adopted international principles of accountability, these are not effectively implemented rearing administrative imperfections and challenges that are prevalent in state-owned enterprises.


Methodology: This study employed a descriptive research design through desktop research predicated on critical analysis and review of current literature.


Findings: Findings show that political resolutions tend to excessively override management decisions to the detriment of the entity.


Practical and Social Implications: Yet, it is good corporate governance that should be pivotal in reconciling political interests, the public, and management.


Originality: The value of the study is to provide recommendation for improvement. It is recommended that the Air Zimbabwe oversight system be revamped and vouch for the institutionalization of a regulatory framework that enforces transparency and compliance.


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