Features of Increasing the Ukrainian Media’s Competitiveness Through Applying Various Pr Campaigns in the Conditions of Military Operations





Competitiveness in the Media Environment, Media Trends in Ukraine, Competitive Business Methods, Public Relations in Media Companies, Trends in the Media Sector, Military Actions


Purpose:  The purpose of the research is to determine the standpoint of the Ukrainian media companies’ chief executives and scientists conducting studies in the direction of analyzing the Ukrainian media regarding the features of using various PR campaigns to increase the media market entities’ competitiveness under conditions of war.


Theoretical framework:   Mass media and communication occupy the leading place in these processes as a link connecting the global information world with its consumers and involving them in exchanging information.


Design/methodology/approach:   The analytical and bibliographic method was used during the research to study the scientific literature on applying various PR campaigns. Analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction was applied to process scientific information. A questionnaire survey and theoretical methods (systemic-structural, comparative, logical-linguistic, abstraction, idealization) were used to practically clarify certain aspects of multimedia tools in the field of visual communications and in design education in the conditions of military operations.


Findings:   The analysis of the scientific literature on the issue under study and the questionnaire results showed that the concept of developing a strategy to increase the competitiveness of the media sector is based on the theory of strategic management.


Research, Practical & Social implications:  It involves taking into account several factors when using various PR campaigns, the effective consideration of which is an important prerequisite for the competitiveness of media market entities.


Originality/value:  The necessity for further investigations is related to increasing mass media’s competitiveness in the context of the crisis and challenges related to the Internet integration into everyday life.


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