The Impact of the Correlation Between Working Capital and the Value of the Company in the Environment of Iraqi Banks




Working Capital, The Value of the Company, Working Capital Policies, Working Capital Indicators


Purpose: The research aims to measure the impact and correlation relationship between working capital and the value of the company in Iraqi banks.


Theoretical framework: and the research shows a conceptual approach to working capital and its intended importance, policies and indicators. In addition, it reviews the value of the company and the factors affecting it, and the role of working capital on the value of the company.


Design/methodology/approach: In order to achieve this, the authors selected a sample of the commercial banking sector listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange, where four commercial banks were selected, namely (the Iraqi investment bank), (the Bank of Baghdad), (Kurdistan bank), (Ashur international investment bank) and for the years from (2016-2020) and according to their availability in the market to be the research sample. In order to measure the research variables, the authors used the model of the amount of change in working capital, to measure the variable of working capital, and the modified (Tobin's Q) model was used to measure the value of the company, in addition, the Pearson correlation coefficient was used, and the regression equation to measure the correlation and impact relationship.


Findings: The results indicate the existence of a positive impact relationship with a significant significance between the working capital and the value of the company at a significant level of 0.05, as an increase in working capital and the value of the company at a significant level of 0.05 by one unit leads to an improvement of (0.602) , and the results also showed a significant impact relationship with a value of (T) of (13.251), and the regression coefficients with a value of (F) amounted to (103.224), and this contributed to the explanation of the amount of (0.240) of the permissible discrepancy between working capital and the company's value is at a significant level of( 0.05).


Research, Practical & Social implications: The need to pay attention to current assets and current liabilities and invest optimally in them because they are an important element along with fixed assets and long-term liabilities in order to achieve high profitability ratios and then achieve optimal performance and try to maximize the wealth of the owners.


Originality/value: The management of Iraqi banks should intensify interest in managing working capital in a good and scientific way, for the sake of the best expected performance, and it has to do with achieving better results, through paying attention to the careful analysis of the components of current assets, and the corresponding current liabilities, to achieve the required efficiency in managing capital The Worker.


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