The Role of the Holonic Manufacturing System in Achieving Product Quality: an Exploratory Study in the General Company for the Automotive Industry of Alexandria




Holonic Manufacturing System, Product Quality


Purpose: The aim of this study is deals with the methods that preserve the natural products and offer them at a cost while maintaining the quality of the products, which leads to the company’s production of profits.


Theoretical framework: This aspect has been prepared by referring to sources and references specialized in production management and total quality management, such as books, theses, theses, research and studies, including what is available in the library and others from the international information network, the Internet.


Methodology: The project was implemented in the implementation of a set of computer programs: (SPSS V25) / (Amos V25) / (Microsoft Excel 2010). The systematic literature review was built from the content analysis of papers from the Web of Science and Scopus database. The papers were analyzed from descriptive.


Findings: The results of the research bear the thinking of the departments about the most important element of production, represented by the labor force, as the success of the administrative teams Which represents the basic idea of ​​the component (Holon employees).


Research, Practical & Social implications: The study is the departments must adopt scientific and systematic mechanisms and methods in consolidating the culture of modern systems and adopting them according to what is scientific, even in preliminary and steps simplified.


Originality/value: A model was proposed to clarify the relationship between holographic manufacturing requirements and product quality through the use of statistical methods such as the Pearson correlation coefficient and the regression coefficient to clarify the correlation and effect relationship between these two variables.


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