Some Aspects of the Government Support Problems in Agricultural Sector in the Kyrgyz Economy




Agricultural Sector, Agricultural Financing, Public Procurement, Preferential Loans, Land Resources, Sales Channels, Product Quality


Purpose:  This article discusses current problems in the agricultural sector of the country's economy related needs for government support in a market-based management system, considering external and internal factors.


Theoretical framework: Article reveals problems associated with the lack of financial support, the timely solution, which could lead to great positive results in the whole country, in other words, it would give an impetus not only to the development of agriculture, but also solve a number of issues related to food security, exports, providing jobs, etc. various ways are proposed to solve the problems of government support using both foreign experience and the positive aspects in the domestic practice.


Design/methodology/approach:  Research relevance based on solving the problem of government support for the agricultural sector of the country's economy is one of the main priorities in modern society.


Findings:  If the market economic system to a certain extent denied the government dominant role (with the exception of providing conditions for development) and gave greater importance to the independence of economic entities, then the latest phenomena on the world market, and in general in the world community, prove the fact that no economic entity, including enterprises in the agrarian sector, are unable to carry out their economic activities without government support.


Research, Practical & Social implications:  Authors suggest a future research agenda and highlight the contributions made to agricultural economics sector.


Originality/value:  Research purpose is a deep analysis to identify the cause of problems related to the government support of agrarian sector in the country's economy, as the modern economic system proves the need for government support for development of both agriculture and agrarian sector of the country's economy as a whole.


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