Improving Organization Performance Accountability Through Integrated Participatory Commitment




Performance Accountability, Integrated Participatory Commitment, Archives Management


Purpose:  The study aims to analyze the influence integrated participatory commitment-based archiving on the accountability of archiving performance of Indonesian universities. Participatory commitment in the organization is lack of understanding, therefore examining factors to enhance organization performance through commitment is urgently needed.


Theoretical framework:  The job embeddedness theory suggests that employee commitment is influenced by the extent to which employees feel embedded in their job and organization, which includes factors such as fit with the organization and the availability of alternatives


Design/methodology/approach:  This study used a quantitative approach to understand variables relationship. The research subject is archivists in several Indonesia universities, 248 respondents were selected as sample. The research model was tested using SEM-PLS.


Findings:  The results point out that archival policy and archivists’ competence significantly impact archiving performance accountability through integrated participatory commitment. Archival funding and archival facilities have no impact and are not significant on archival performance accountability through integrated participatory commitment. The research indicate integrated participatory commitment is essential to develop archiving performance accountability.

Research, Practical & Social implications: Based on research result, the study suggest board of leaders is expected to design and produce a complete archival policy consisting of at least four archival instruments


Originality/value: The study found integrated participatory commitment is prominent factor to determine archiving performance accountability. The research fill the previous study gaps through job embeddedness theory.


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