The Effect of Competence and Commitment on Career Path and Job Satisfaction of pt. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) tbk, Mattoangin Makassar Branch




Competence, Commitment, Career Path, Job Satisfaction


Purpose:  The objectives of the research are to analyse the influence of competence on career paths (1) and to analyse job satisfaction in career paths (2) and to analyze job satisfaction


Theoretical framework:  The goal of this concept framework is to provide a theoretical and empirical description of the cause-cause relationship of each variable to create new discoveries that will then be used as a concept for future research. Within the framework of this research, two exogenous variables are used, that is, competitive commitment (X1) (X2).


Design/methodology/approach:  This study uses a quantitative approach, using first-level data, through 140 questionnaires surveyed. The research was conducted between August and November 2021. The data were analysed using structural equation models (SEM) with the help of version 25. and SPSS 25.


Findings: The outcomes of this study demonstrate that competence and Commitment have a positive and important impact on their career paths. (2) Career path has a positive and important impact on job satisfaction(3) Competition has a positive and important impact on job satisfaction(4) and Commitment has a positive effect on job satisfaction. (5) Competence and commitment have a positive and important effect on job satisfaction through career pathways.


Research, Practical & Social implications:  The implication of this study is that if companies want to increase job satisfaction, companies must develop careers, improve work discipline and create a supportive work environment.


Originality/value:  keeping promises and commitments, responsibility for tasks, and adherence to moral and ethical values are very important for increasing job satisfaction. But in this study, Commitment does not affect worker satisfaction.


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