The Influence of Work Motivation, Compensation, and Work Procedures on Job Satisfaction and Field Extension Performance Family Planning in South Sulawesi




Work Motivation, Compensation, Work Procedures, Job Satisfaction, Performance


Purpose: This study was conducted with the aim of (1). Analyzing and interpreting the impact of work motivation on job satisfaction of family planning instructors (PLKBs) in South Sulawesi. (2) Analyzing and interpreting the impact of compensation on PLKB job satisfaction in South Sulawesi.


Theoretical framework: The theoretical implication is that this study integrates the theory of reinforcement of motivation and self-determination to investigate the determinants of extension worker performance. The theory of motivational reinforcement was put forward by Skinner (2014), who states that behavior is influenced by its consequences.


Design/methodology/approach: The research methods used in this study are descriptive analysis and SEM (structural equation modeling) analysis using the AMOS program. The research method used is a survey research method, i.e., primary data collection using a questionnaire (Suzerweni, 2020: 13). A representative of the Regional Family Planning Agency (OPDKB) of the National Family Planning Population Organization of South Sulawesi developed the questionnaire to measure job motivation, compensation, work methods, job satisfaction, and employee performance.


Findings: The results of the study show that (1). Job motivation (X1) has a direct positive and significant effect on job satisfaction. Compensation has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction (3). Work methods have a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction (4). Expanding work motivation has a positive and negligible impact on employee performance.


Research, practical and social implications:  The summary of the discussion of the results of this study is that according to the results of the research analysis, each observation is described in a coherent manner based on the interpretation of the effect between variable variables and variable indicators, then supported by several relevant theories and links to several previous studies.


Originality/Value: Compensation indirectly has a positive and significant impact on the performance of extension workers. Indirect expansion of work approaches has a positive and not significant impact on employee performance.


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