Impact of Consumer Buying Behavior on Satisfaction Towards Dairy Products: An Empirical Study




Awareness, Consumer, Dairy Products, Product Quality, Purchasing Intention, Satisfaction


Purpose: This study aims to investigate consumer buying behavior towards government-owned dairy products in India and assess their level of satisfaction.


Design/Methodology/Approach: The researcher employed a simple random sampling technique to select 576 consumers from across India. Various data analysis tools were applied to the collected data to draw conclusions.


Findings: The research found a significant association between demographic variables and customer satisfaction. Factors like "Product Quality," "Product Value," and "Awareness" were identified as key influencers of customer satisfaction. Additionally, the study revealed a direct negative impact of buying behavior on customer satisfaction, with purchase intention and customer service acting as mediators with positive effects.


Research, Practical & Social implications: This study sheds light on the importance of product quality and value in influencing customer buying behavior. It has practical implications for dairy product marketers, emphasizing the need to prioritize quality and value during processing. Socially, it highlights the importance of consumer awareness in ensuring the quality and safety of dairy products.


Originality/Value: This research contributes to understanding consumer behavior in the context of government-supplied dairy products in India. It emphasizes the originality and value of considering factors like awareness and customer service in assessing customer satisfaction, offering insights for improving marketing strategies in the dairy industry.


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