Leadership Qualities Among Women Leaders in Educational Institutions at Bangalore City





Women, Leadership Qualities, Women Leaders, Higher Education


Purpose: First, it seeks to investigate the factors that influence women's leadership traits within academic institutions located in Bangalore. Second, it aims to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving role of women in leadership positions within modern society.


Design/Methodology/Approach: To achieve its objectives, this study employs a qualitative research approach. Researchers conduct interviews and surveys within academic institutions in Bangalore. By gathering and analyzing this data, they intend to uncover key themes and patterns that shed light on the factors impacting women's leadership traits.


Findings: The findings of this research reveal several noteworthy insights. It becomes evident that women's leadership traits are significantly influenced by societal perceptions and economic circumstances. Furthermore, the progression of women in their professional lives has played a crucial role in altering societal views. The study also acknowledges the importance of India's long-standing policy efforts to promote women's development. Additionally, it highlights the remarkable achievements of women in various fields, including academia and athletics.


Research, Practical & Social implications: In terms of implications, this study carries significance on multiple fronts. From a research standpoint, it offers valuable insights into the factors that shape women's leadership roles within academic institutions. Practically, the findings can inform strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting and enhancing women's leadership within the educational sector. On a broader social level, the study underscores the evolving role of women in Indian society, emphasizing the importance of gender equality as a key societal value.


Originality/Value: In terms of originality, this research distinguishes itself by focusing on the specific context of academic institutions in Bangalore. Its value lies in its contribution to a deeper understanding of women's leadership within a culturally diverse context, shedding light on the unique factors at play in this region.


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