The Relationship Between Audit Services and Non-Audit Actuarial Services in the Auditor’s Report




Audit services, Non-audit services, Actuarial, Insurance industry


Purpose: In view of the trend toward using international financial reporting standards when generating financial statements, we looked at the interaction between audit services and non-audit services for auditors in the context of actuarial services for insurance firms. CPAs are authorized to work in banks and insurance businesses, but those with a practicing license obtained after earning a higher academic degree are not.

Design/methodology/approach: A small number of auditing firms control the decisions issued by the Iraqi Accountants Association, monopolizing audit services in banks and insurance businesses. In the case of actuarial services used in reserve estimation, they are credited to an external party's account without any verification of the Reliability of the reserve estimation procedure.

Originality/value: In addition to audit services, a scale has been developed to examine the auditors' non-audit actuarial services. The financial reporting rules for insurance contracts 17 and the examinations for acquiring an actuarial certificate in the United States of America are used to create this scale.

Findings: The findings show that there is no substantial relationship between the two services supplied, and we recommend that the actuarial services be audited by specialist international companies that support the auditors' judgment on the computation of expected reserves in the financial accounts. Conducting specialist courses in the actuarial profession, and obtaining this credential is a requirement for auditing insurance companies.


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