Teaching-Learning, Architecture and Urbanism, Academic Curriculum, Teaching Structures


Research Objective: Discuss the reassessment of the structural conception in the process of teaching and learning two architects, with views not aprimoramento and association with a new reality in the field of construction.

Theoretical Framework: Construct a brief history on the design of structures for graduate courses in architecture, using surveys pointed out in the main works published in the area, to highlight the importance of readjusting the two courses to new market demands.

Methodology: The applied methodology is not present article and bibliographic research, which consists of the analysis of literature related to thematic addressed systematically on the subject of teaching-learning of structures for graduate courses, in architecture. It is important to highlight that bibliographic research, in accordance with rigorous scientific standards, becomes essential for the construction of quality scientific work, updated, consistent and theoretically founded. Foram used books, newspapers, articles and Internet sites, among other sources.

Results: There are several problems not in the teaching of structures in schools of architecture and urbanism, such as purely expository classrooms and teaching programs distant from current professional practice, which leads us to conclude that the Structural Chain of Two Courses presents gaps in its composition, for not making integration between other disciplines, not being updated with new market demands or the adoption of didactic resources with qualitative knowledge on structural behavior, or which results directly in failures in the technological training of architects.

Theoretical and Practical Contributions: Faced with new market demands and surveys put forward during the research, or present work possibly relevant to the topic.


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