Entrepreneurship Education, University Student’s Personal Project, University Student’s Professional Project, Startup


Objective: This resvalueearch paper aims to shed light on the role of entrepreneurship education in realizing the personal and professional project of a university student within the framework of a startup. This is considering that entrepreneurial learning or (entrepreneurship education as some call it) is one of the basic courses that help the university student form a vision about future projects and professions.


Theoretical Framework: Entrepreneurship education is a set of formal education methods that is based on informing and training any individual who wishes to participate in social economic development, through a project aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial awareness, establishing business projects or developing small business projects.


Method: In order to be able to become familiar with this topic and address the problem at hand, we relied in this study on the descriptive and analytical approach, by describing entrepreneurship education, and analyzing the extent of the role that entrepreneurship education plays in guiding and assisting university students in establishing a startup project.


Results and Discussion: The study reached several results, the most important of which is that entrepreneurship education plays a major role in creating personal and professional projects for university students and transforming them into a startup capable of finding innovative solutions to the problems at hand. The study also found that building a university student’s personal and professional project requires many acquisitions and skills that qualify him to establish a startup enterprise, such as: teamwork and team building skills, leadership skills, effective communication skills, and problem-solving skills.


Originality/Value: This study contributes to the literature by emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship education in realizing the personal and professional project of a university student especially in the form of startups, which would lead to its itegration in Higher education programmes.


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