Forest Fire, Risk, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Algeria


Purpose: The objective of this study was to measure the fire risk of forests and to compare areas with high sensitivity to forest fires.


Theoretical Framework: Many authors have demonstrated the fragility of Algerian forests in the face of fires (Belhadj, 2003; Souidi et al., 2010 and 2017). In this research paper, the researchers focused on identifying the factors responsible for the risk of forest fires in Algeria using a state-of-the-art tool, the Geographic Information System (GIS). The researchers explained a scientific process for exploring new indicators using GIS, and showed how to develop a forest fire risk map.


Design/Methodology/Approach: The elaboration of the fire risk map requires the application of a model set up, and tested on forest areas in the Mediterranean region. The applied model involves the three main factors of forest fire risk assessment: topomorphology, fuel, and human occupation.


Findings: According to the results obtained, our study area is dominated by a very high risk index. In addition, more than half of the surface area of our study zone is located in topomorphological conditions that are highly conducive to the multiplication of fires and can increase the risk of forest fires breaking out. This study will help us to better control the risk of fires and to manage fire-fighting operations in the field.


Research, Practical & Social Implications: Mapping the risk of forest fires using GIS will help land managers and planners to identify sensitive areas for better preservation and intervention in the event of fire.


Originality/Value: The results show that the number of forest fires is increasing over time and that managing them is becoming increasingly difficult. The use of a GIS for all stakeholder and managers will make it possible to combat forest fires.


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