E-Commerce, Online Shopping, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Satisfaction, Risk


Purpose: E-Commerce has unleashed yet another revolution, which is changing the way businesses buy and sell products and services. New methodologies have evolved. The role of geographic distances in forming business relationships is reduced. E-Commerce is the future of shopping. With the deployment of 3G ,4G& 5G wireless communication technologies, the internet economy will continue to grow robustly. Nowadays, online marketing is a new area of marketing which play a vital role in attracting customers.


Theoretical Framework: Most organizations utilize online shopping in current technology age to please consumers and also to attract additional clients. Online purchasing has a major influence on the pleasure of customers. Online shopping is the key aspect of electronic commerce, and this electronic trade guides many clients in the manner they purchase things from the business.Convenience is one of the benefits that customer gets from the e-commerce and thus increasing customer satisfaction. This is due to customer can place a purchase an order from anywhere with internet connection. E-commerce business provider should give importance on every customer by giving smooth service and many options for payment and have more functions available online.


Design/Methodology/Approach: The study investigated factors influencing customer satisfaction in e-commerce. Demographic variables were analyzed alongside perceived risks and influencing factors.


Findings: Findings highlight diverse influences on online purchasing behavior and varying satisfaction factors. However, no significant differences were found in risk perceptions. Education on online purchasing steps is recommended based on the results.


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