Impact of Digitalization and Changing Consumer Preferences and Choices on Virtual Shopping of Retail Sector in Bangalore




Digitalization, Consumer Preferences, Virtual Shopping



This investigation covers the impact of digitalization on consumer behavior and their choices of virtual shopping in the retail sector of Bangalore.

Design/ Methodology/ Approach

The introduction section covers the research background and its aim and objectives. Apart from that, the research rationale and significance are also enabled in this section's literature review. That theory is associated with the impact of digitalization, which changes consumer preferences and choices in virtual shopping. This focuses on changing consumer preferences and options in the retail sector, specifically in the Bangalore area. Digital marketing theory and Kotler theory are used in these chapters to understand better the reason for consumer preferences and choices in virtual shopping. It also conveys the research methods where positivism research philosophy was used, and the researcher also uses descriptive research design to reach the aims and objectives. Secondary data collection methods were used to collect reliable data per the chosen topic. In this section, inclusion and exclusion criteria are also mentioned, which are associated with the investigation


Both qualitative and quantitative data are used to analyze the importance of offline shopping among the people of Bangalore. It is to explore that most consumers prefer to do online shopping by staying at home. Several types of uncommon fact will be analyses by using both qualitative and quantitative research design method. It helps for providing depth knowledge and experiences as study purpose. Exact reason to preferring online shopping can be find out through these investigations.



Offline shopping in the Bangalore area:  Most people in the Bangalore area prefer to bring their Essentials through offline shopping. It is recommended that companies formulating this virtual shopping introduce their product with relevant details and descriptions. 


Research limitations

Sufficient time is considered as research lamination during these running investigations. It can be said that, if researcher can get more time than several types of uncommon and unjoin fact can be reveled with in research paper.


Social implications

The use of virtual platforms can effectively judge the demands and the preferences of the consumers. Moreover, various retail sectors can perform well by virtual shopping within their industry.


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