Measurement the Economic Efficiency and Risk Management Strategy for Projects of Table Eggs Production in Diyala Governorate




Cost Efficiency, Management Strategy, Breeding Chickens, Risk


Purpose: The aim of the research is to estimate the cost efficiency and technical and Allocavtive components of egg production projects and to identify risk management strategies.


Theoretical framework: These include Data Envelopment Analysis Program (DEAP), a method of linear programming in estimating the economic efficiency in addition to strategic use in risk management.


Design/methodology/approach: The data was collected from 44 egg chicken projects, collected randomly from Diyala county districts for 2018, for achieving economic efficiency of agriculture and  risk management strategic for projects of  table egg production .


Findings: by using of Data Envelopment Analysis with a input orientation. technical efficiency about averaged 0.995, which is highly efficient,. Allocavtive efficiency was 0.99. By linking the relationship between economic efficiency and some administrative variables, some of which are direct and inverse.


Practical & Social implications: The study benefits table egg producers, including their knowledge of the optimal use of resources for the actual use of resources through the study of economic efficiency. The study showed how to deal with risks in their projects. Outside the farm, the coping strategy to face risks is in lending, and thus this study is used at present and in the future in these investment projects..


Originality/value:  That the poultry sector is an investment and commercial sector, it is necessary to study the resources efficiency used and because it contains risks, so a strategy must be developed to protect the product from these risks.


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