Downsizing processes of hotel managements during 2016 Turkey tourism crisis


  • Beyza Adıgüzel
  • Muharrem Tuna



Downsizing, layoff, Restructuring, 2016 Turkey Tourism Crisis


This paper examines the downsizing processes of hospitality managements in Turkey during 2016 Turkey tourism crisis. 11 hotels, including 5 from city hotels and 6 from coastal hotels, are included to the research because the main purpose of the research is to evaluate the downsizing practices of hospitality managements which is affected by the political crisis in Turkey directly and to provide a comparative whole-process-models. Therefore, both city and coastal hotels are interviewed to get comparative information because city and coastal hotels have totally different customer profile with different visiting reasons. As a result, two different model have been created and similarities and differences between these two types of hotels are discovered and explained. The research is the only one comparatively reviewing the downsizing proces as a whole including reasons, decisions and affects of downsizing.


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