The Reality of Local Investment in Iraq and Prospects for its Development: a Case Study in the Baghdad Investment Commission




Investment, Local Investment, Types of Investors, Challenges, Baghdad Investment Commission


Purpose: This research is to identify the most important challenges for the local investment commissions and to develop solutions and proposals to encourage local and foreign investment in local governments in Iraq (the Iraqi provinces are irregular in the region).


Theoretical Framework: This research suggests a conceptual framework for the local investment commissions in order to solve their problems, the most important of which was to identify the most critical challenges which are facing the Baghdad Investment Commission BIC and how to overcome them.


Design/The methodology approach: Research involved a mixed-methods approach through two stages. During the first stage, the researcher gathered quantitative data from all investment projects that obtained Baghdad investment commission BIC from 2015 to 2021 were 168 projects. The second stage gathered qualitative data to explore the survey results more deeply by conducting individual interviews with a sub-sample of 12, 6 interviewees are from BIC and 6 interviewees are from investment organisations.


Findings: The research showed several important results represented by legal and administrative challenges. Also, weak incentives and guarantees provided by The National Investment Low NIL No13 of 2006 and its amendments in 2010.


The practical and social implications: This research will enable the local investment commissions how to deal with their challenges and then improve their provided services for both investors (foreign and local), particularly in Baghdad province, Iraq.


The originality of research: This article provided a significant topic for businessmen and governments on international and local levels, also there is no previous research that has thoroughly searched the reality of local investment in Iraq and prospects for its development.


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