Influencers, B2B Influencers, Business-to-Business Marketing, Influencer Marketing


Objective: The objective of the research is to get in-depth knowledge regarding digital influencers in the field of B2B market place and explore different ways to develop synergies through bridging between influencers and business organizations in B2B sector.


Method: For attaining the objective we have adopted qualitative approach. Here the total research work is exploratory in nature. We have explored popular B2B influencers of different social media platforms from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, USA, China and anylze their contribution towards the growth of different B2B sectors.


Results and Discussions: Our research analysis shows that B2B influencers tend to possess certain personality traits that enable them to build credibility and forge connections and deliver tangible gains in traffic, leads, and sales KPIs of a brand, hence pointing towards an overarching positive ROI.


Research Implications: The theoretical contribution of this study is the pragmatic understanding of influencer marketing in business to business market. Here we have reconnoitered the strategies of digital influencers which may help to grab more market share.


Originality/Value: In light of managerial aspect, this study helps to comprehend significance of influencer marketing in B2B arena and the way of implementing strategies for attainment of organizational goals. We have also found certain metrics that may help managers to determine the concrete business impact of B2B influencer campaigns.


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